Bebbington & Wilson - Mechanical and Electrical Contracting And Facilities Management Services for the Industrial Sector

Industrial & Manufacturing Sectors

We understand the M&E, Building Fabric Repairs and Facilities Management needs and demands of companies working within the industrial and manufacturing sectors, which is we provide specialist services that deliver real results.

With experience of working closely with clients on projects that span food manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, distribution units and more, our M&E and Facilities Management contractors appreciate that businesses like yours need to meet budgetary and environmental requirements as well as create a safe and effective work place.

This is why our services are tailored to your individual company – we design, install and manage your facilities to keep costs low and standards high. By focusing on what is important to you, we are able to reduce wastage and maximise your budget while increasing the safety, security, cleanliness, environmental friendliness and efficiency of your premises.

As investors in technology, our M&E and Facilities Management solutions are innovative. We can advise on all areas that can be made more efficient, greener and safer; and deliver these services in a way that is smart and cost efficient. For example, for the industrial sector and food industry in particular we provide refrigeration services that meet energy and efficiency needs as well as reduce noise levels and make the most of the available spac

Our services for the industrial sector include:

• Full Facilities Management services

• Reactive Maintenance 24-7

• HVAC solutions

• Boiler installations and repairs

• Heating and cooling systems

• Refurbishments and re-fits

• Waste management

• Energy planning

• Carbon compliance

• Lighting and power

• Cabling

• Fire alarms

• Heating systems

• CCTV and security

Why Choose Us For Your Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Facilities Management Services

We meet your productivity, energy, budgetary and safety needs through our extensive range of M&E contracting and facilities management services for industry.

In addition to our standard mechanical and electrical design, installation and maintenance services, our M&E technicians provide bespoke services that save you money and enhance your premises. Responsive and experienced, our engineers ensure your manufacturing plant and industrial buildings are run at their most efficient and safest levels – and react swiftly to any potential issues.

Our services for the industrial sector are of the highest quality and meet your needs, including:

• Safety

• Productivity levels

• Budget targets

• Compliance

• Energy levels

• Noise levels

• Space

• Efficiency