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Sustainability & Renewable Energy - Reduce Your Costs And Carbon Footprint

As a leading electrical and facilities management contractor, we are committed to using only the latest technology and providing the best solutions to businesses in terms of money and environmental friendliness.

We realise that we have a responsibility towards encouraging efficient energy use to minimise the impact on our environment. We recognise the fact that environmental issues affect our company, and by reacting and listening to our customers’ needs, we are committed to reducing the environmental effects raised by everyday issues. Through our ISO 14001:2004 Management system we are constantly monitoring our position and communication with our suppliers, who like ourselves understand what is required.

We, as a responsible company, take into account the following issues in the services we offer:

  • Global warming and its impact
  • Recyclability of materials
  • Methods of installation and the energy efficiency of all installations
  • Sustainability

In doing so, we provide a thorough energy saving service that includes a free survey to take into account your business needs, infrastructure, and current power consumption. Once we’ve established the core factors we can identify which renewable energy is most suitable for your company and work out the estimated savings you could make on your energy bills by installing more efficient lighting.

High frequency lighting and LED Lighting with intelligent controls could reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%, and renewable energy initiatives can cut costs and carbon emissions by up to 20%.

On average, the cost of installing new, energy saving lighting and renewable energy technology pays for itself within two years and you may also be eligible for renewable energy funding.

Giving You Control Over Your Energy Efficiency

Bebbington & Wilson understand the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) regulations and the newest technology on the market, and will guide you through all the details to help you find the perfect energy saving solution for your business.

Our energy saving service includes:

• Free energy survey of your business

• An overview of where consumption can be lowered and infrastructure efficiency improved to cut costs and carbon footprint but boost performance

• Guidance on light fittings and renewable energy options

• Breakdown of estimated installation costs, energy savings to be made with efficient lighting solutions, and how long it will likely take to recover your investment as a result of energy cost savings

• Advice on funding options

With our energy saving and renewable energy services, you will be able to control your energy consumption more effectively and efficiently. Let us help you reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions using our high frequency lighting, sensor controls and renewable energy technology.